CIS Security Solutions Ltd


An Independent Security Consultancy specialising in Asset Protection, Critical Infrastructure and Information Assurance.  We have the knowledge and experience to assess and then advise on the most effective measures to ensure that your critical business assets and information systems are fully protected. 

We are experts in advising on compliance with the Manual of Protective Security, JSP440, ISO 27001 and UK HMG Infosec standards.


  • Risk Analysis and Security Risk Management.
  • Information Management.
  • Compliance with Regulations and Standards (ISO 27001, HMG Infosec, MPS and JSP 440)
  • High Risk Asset Surveys (Including Key Personnel).
  • Asset Protection Strategies, Policy and Procedures.
  • Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity and Resilience Strategies.
  • Conduct Electronic Security Environment Audits, Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing activity.
  • Conduct Information Assurance Advisory Visits, Compliance Checks and Surveys.
  • Data Analysis and Exploitation.
  • Post Incident Investigations.

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